Sunday, February 14, 2010

February in Bellingham

I love our property. At the far north end we have an active deer rub. We see countless birds every day. A family of raccoons hangs out in the fir tree east of the house. The old shed outback is weathered, slowly being covered by moss and lichen and lets be honest, it looks perfect in our backyard. The apple trees have low branches that are perfect for sitting and while your there why not check out the lichen and moss covering the branches. Add to it that the yard is crazy beautiful right now! The forsythia, quince and plums are blooming. Indian plums are beginning to leaf out. The grass is a brilliant green. Bulbs are pushing their way out of the ground.
And sitting here wondering, how did we get so lucky and am I really going to be able to wait until April to start planting?

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