Monday, March 1, 2010

The chicks are here

The chicks arrived bright and early this morning. They are so freakin' cute. Two of them didn't make it, but the other 24 are eating, pooping and drinking up a storm. We stood over the chick box for awhile, dipping each chicks beak into the water, making sure they knew where the food was and measuring the air temperature to make sure it was warm enough.
They finally all settled down, just a few cheeps every now and then. Frankly, it's kind of startling to go in and check on them. It think they're pretty exhausted and almost all of them are just sprawled out on the ground! Apparently that's normal, they are babies after all, they need alot of sleep.
I am so excited to watch them grow up and identify them. One of the chicks has feathers on it's feet!!!!! I'll post pictures later!

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