Thursday, August 25, 2011

The winter garden

The bulk of the winter garden is in! Yesterday I planted corn salad (for eatin' and as a cover crop), an arctic lettuce blend, radishes, and spinach. A few weeks ago I put in kale, collards, chard, pak choi, brocolli, kohlrabi and brussel sprouts. And, in September we'll put in garlic, shallots or onions and fava beans. Who knew so many things could grow through winter!
Right now we are harvesting cucumbers, zucchini, onions, bush and pole beans, mesculun mix, kale, tomatoes, herbs and carrots. Man, I do love gardening! Some days I'm amazed at how much energy it takes. Some days I'm amazed at how many things we've managed to grow in such a short time frame. And right now, I'm feeling amazed at how many things (I'm hoping) we'll grow this winter!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nooksack Cirque Trail

There has been alot of talk around the Rae house lately about the perfect "baby trail". The perfect Rae baby trail. Ian thinks we need to find trails that are steep or involve some bushwacking, to thin the crowds. I am more of the opinion that we could just go hiking Sunday-Monday. This weekend we chose an Ian alternative. We headed up the Nooksack Cirque Trail, a trail that involves considerable bushwacking.
I will quickly and fully admit that this hike was more challenging on many levels than our first backpacking trip with Abel. The trail was rougher, we didn't have a backup crew (ie. Maria and Dennis) to help set up camp/make dinner/hang out with Abel and Abel couldn't/wouldn't fall asleep in the pack on Saturday. The last of these issues was the most challenging. A tired baby makes for a tired Mama and Papa!
So, we didn't make it all the way to the Cirque. But we did wander along the beautiful Nooksack; feed Abel his first (of many I'm sure) dinner of smoked salmon, couscous and pesto (a meal that goes on pretty much every backpacking trip I plan); sit around the camp fire with a cold beer at the end of a long day looking at looming mountains and melting glaciers; star gaze miles from town; and fall asleep (finally!) to the roar of the Nooksack.
We're lucky, Ian and I, that Abel is such a trooper. The kid seems game to partake in all of our adventures. And when it's too much, he lets sleep take over. Sometimes in the seemingly most uncomfortable positions!
It was a great hike. We are so lucky to live here, to have the North Cascades in our backyard, and to be able to share them with Abel.