Monday, May 30, 2011

Garden update

Despite the cold, rain, slugs and other pests the garden is humming right along. The fence is near completion, the peas are finally trellised, the tomatoes are in the ground, SO many seeds have been sown, we've been eating bowl after bowl of delicious mesclun mix, spinach, arugula and beet greens and the radishs are holding their own against some tunnel carving insect that I wish would find a new home!
Creating this beautiful, and bountiful, space would not have been possible without the help of lots of friends! We plan to repay that debt in the form of radishes, zucchini and greens!

Any blog posting wouldn't be complete without a quick update on my favorite little garden helper, Abel Rae. The little man had a big weekend. He rolled over! He ate lamb (pureed into paste, kinda gross)! His first tooth pushed through! And, he got to spend some quality time in the garden and yard watching Ian and I work on projects while trying to copy Maddie by chewing on some of our very long grass out back. Endless entertainment those two!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Handsome, happy Abel

Abel has yet to try to roll over, but at least he likes tummy time now!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Our garden

You may have heard tales that a garden is finally gracing what was once a gravel and blackberry covered patch behind our house. It's true! I won't detail the energy, time and resources that have gone into the project, I will simply say this space makes me happy. When I saw our property my first thought was, oh I can't wait to garden here. And now, this year, I will.