Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We finally ordered chicks! We've been talking about it for months. They are set to arrive March 1st, in the mail! We ordered them from McMurray Hatchery in Oregon. We weren't sure exactly which kind of chicks we wanted, we just knew we wanted to try heritage breeds, so we got the assorted variety! The Rainbow layers to be exact. Sounds like they will be a mix of white egg layers, rare/heritage varieties, heavy breeds and araucanas. Sounds like a great way to figure out what kinds of chickens we like.
I'm pretty excited to have 25 chicks running around, all different shapes, sizes and colors. We aren't sure what the cats will think of them, especially since they need to be inside for at least 5 weeks! I'm sure we'll find the cats perched beside the box with the chicks in it more than once.
Yeah for chickens!

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