Monday, January 25, 2010

Yard work......with multiple chainsaws, a nine inch chipper and the dump trailer

None of our house projects have been on what I would consider a "small" scale. We're kind of in this all or nothing phase. This weekends project was no exception.
Two huge spruce trees were commanding all of the sun on the south side of the house and had to go. So, we invited our good friend Carson Sprenger, owner of Rainshadow Consulting, over to cut them down! While he was at it we also asked him to cut down an ivy covered pine in the backyard (where the dog pen will go someday), a small snag and another small spruce near the fire pit. Perhaps the most exciting event of the weekend was learning how to use a chainsaw. I was kind of hesitant at first, but after some practice I've decided chainsaws are fabulous and I should have learned how to use them earlier in life.
The yard is still in recovery mode, most of the limbs have been cleared and the wood chips piled, but there are still piles of firewood rounds waiting to be split....and a dog pen to be built!

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