Monday, December 26, 2011


Christmas was everything I'd hoped it would be this year. Fun, delicious, sincere, handmade and filled with joy and laughter!

The days leading up to Christmas were full. I've never made so many gifts or done so much planning! I actually made a calendar for the days leading to Christmas so that I would be finished making Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers by the big day! And, I am happy to report I loved the process. Planning the gifts, the meals, decorating the house, wrapping the presents! The hardest part was waiting to give Abel his gifts!

That said, Abel cleaned house this Christmas. Ian and I made homemade puppets, a handful of stuffed critters (wolverine, mountain goat, lynx, and dinosaurs!), and a shop/kitchen. Yes, a shop/kitchen. He is crazy about it. The inspiration for the kitchen came from a blog I saw months ago, but the more I thought about the kitchen the more I thought, Abel would love a shop. I knew our house was too small for both a shop and kitchen, unless we combined them. Ian put it together and its perfect. Add to the shop side a set of "tools" and some super cool nails; add to the kitchen side a cute little tea pot and wood spoons and the kid is set! Abel of course got a mountain of other gifts that he also loves, but there are too many to list!

A newish tradition to Rae Christmas has been the addition of "games". We started the tradition a few years ago and this year we upped the ante. Ian and I created a scavenger hunt, the prizes were a can of sardines and a gift certificate to wash dinner dishes! Okay, we made the scavenger hunt on Christmas day and didn't plan for the prizes, we'll do better next year! And yes, there will be another one next year! The scavenger hunt was so much fun. I haven't laughed so hard for ages. It is truly my favorite new Christmas tradition.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, full of family, love and laughter; and wishing everyone a joyous new year!

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