Monday, December 27, 2010

Abel's first Christmas

Abel's first Christmas was filled with family, laughter, games, new toys and yummy food. Of course all he noticed were the hugs, smiles and love from everyone as he passed from one set of arms to the other. He loved it!
Ian and I on the other hand were kind of overwhelmed by all of the gifts; Carhartt overalls, books, rattles, felted wool blocks, fun outfits, toy monkeys, fleece suits and more! Frankly the kid made a killing. We did realize that before his first birthday rolls around we'll have to establish a no electronics rule for gifts (ie. no batteries or cords), all of the gifts this time around will be Abel powered and we're really hoping to keep it that way.
Ian and I realized shortly before we started making Christmas dinner that we wouldn't be ready to head home after dinner, which was about Abel's bedtime, so we decided to try our first sleep over. It was great! We stayed up late drinking eggnog and playing games with Kate and Mona and in the morning I got to sleep in while Abel hung out with everyone. I told Ian we could have sleepover's every weekend!

Thanks to everyone for making Abel's first Christmas so memorable, for Ian and I anyway, it was perfect.

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