Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our First Anniversary

When we got married we thought we should start an annual tradition of visiting a new wilderness area for every anniversary. Our honeymoon hike was in the Glacier Wilderness Area, were amazingly neither of us had ever hiked, however this year it didn't happen! Finding a new wilderness area that was easily accessible and a reasonable drive from Bellingham just fell off of our to do list and we both realized it wasn't going to happen.
So, we settled on a less ambitious vacation, deciding to stay in Mazama for a long weekend. We stayed in one of the Rendezvous Huts. It was great. It rained most of the weekend so we didn't feel like we had to be outside all weekend. We played board games, cards, read, hung out, stopped in Mazama for pastries, coffee and delicious local fruit, and meet Dad and DuAnn for dinner in Twisp (and a handoff that includes chainsaws, baby strollers, cloth diapers and lumber!).
I have to admit, we did squeeze in one short hike, to Cutthroat Lake. It was the perfect 8 month pregnant lady hike! The hike was easy, beautiful and it was cool out. And, Maddie got to run off some of her crazy puppy energy!

I do hope that next year, and every year after, we manage to find new wilderness areas to wander, but this year staying in a cabin in Mazama, watching the rain and taking a leisurely stroll to a beautiful lake was really the perfect thing.

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