Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Squak's first backpacking trip

The Rae house has been busy lately. Between working to get both Chuckanut Builders and Wild Whatcom off the ground, finishing up house projects, raising chickens, gardening and playing with Maddie we haven't had much time to escape to the mountains. And frankly we were both feeling it. So this weekend we made our escape.
The destination was Watson Lake, in the Noisy-Diobsub Wilderness Area, east of Baker Lake. It's a popular destination, so we decided to hike into the furthest lake, on a Sunday night. It was a short hike, ~3.5 miles, over easy terrain.
But we weren't just hiking. Ian and Dennis (Ian needed a partner in crime for the weekend) were carrying their skis. Their plan was to ski on Watson Peak, in whatever snow they could find. Perhaps needless to say we got some funny looks; skis on a hot, sunny day in July and a pregnant lady!
It was a super fun, relaxing weekend. We're actually planning our next backpacking trip already!

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