Thursday, October 22, 2009


We started working on the house last week. Progress is amazingly destructive. But, the work of demo is nearly done and finally we get to start putting things back together!

Perhaps a little update on the 'plan' is in order as I'm not sure that everyone knows what a massive project we have undertaken.

Bedrooms: In both bedrooms we will vault the ceilings, repair framing, hang drywall, refinish the fir floors, put in new windows and paint.

Office: We really only need repair the drywall and paint!

Living room: We're refinishing the floors, painting, and putting in a slate hearth.

Kitchen: Well we haven't started so.....more about that later.

And, the whole house is getting insulated and rewired! And, the plan is to move in around November 15! Of course the house won't be done but hopefully it will be livable!

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