Monday, September 7, 2009

Saying goodbye to the North Cascades

Kevin, Betsy, Aneka and I went for a somewhat epic hike at the end of the season. I wrote a really comprehensive blog on Chattermarks , or if you'd rather you can just look at the stats and photos. Enjoy.

Day 1: Canyon Creek Trailhead to McMillian Park (Stats: 6 miles, +3400ft,-400ft)
Day 2: McMillian Park to Sky Pilot Pass (Stats: 15 miles, +4600ft, -4000ft)
Day 3: Sky Pilot Pass to Buffalo Pass (Stats: 14 miles, +3700ft, -2700ft)
Day 4: Buffalo Pass to Horse Heaven (Stats: 17 miles, +3300ft, -5600ft)
Day 5: Horse Heaven to East Creek Trailhead (Stats: 10 miles, +2300ft, -4300ft)

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